Message From Pastor Bob Huisman

When God changes you, He changes the World

RSVP for Indoor Morning Worship

This Sunday, October 4
BOTH/AND – This Sunday morning we will gather for Sunday morning worship BOTH Indoors at Heritage AND Online on Facebook and on our Website at  Both services will have the same sermon/message.  We will continue our new sermon series on the Book of Acts called Lasting Impact – When God Changes you He Changes the World.
We will focus on Acts 8-9 and the early church advancing through the power of the Holy Spirit beyond Jerusalem in response to severe persecution.  We will discover how followers of Jesus can respond even when we don’t understand God’s plan.

Thank You for your Gifts, Tithes, and Offerings
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Gathering Indoors for Worship at 9:00 and 11:00
Transitions and RSVP for Indoor Morning Worship

Nursery, Children’s Worship, and Just Betweens will be available during our 9:00 AM service Only.

Sunday School and Catechism will be from 10:15-10:45.

Our pre-recorded ONLINE services will premier on Sundays at 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM and will continue to be available for later viewing.

This Sunday, October 4 is our return to INDOOR in-person morning worship and there will be worship services in the ARK and the Sanctuary at 9:00 and 11:00 am.

We ask that you observe the following things:

  • Please register for a service at 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM in the ARK or Sanctuary by clicking on:  SIGN-UP
  • Please practice social distancing.
  • Masks in Motion.  Masks are required while moving throughout the building.  When seated with social distancing, masks are optional.
  • If you are worshiping in the sanctuary, an usher will seat you.  After the service, allow extra time and space in order to exit while maintaining social distancing.
  • Please be aware that not everyone present will be at the same comfort level with personal contact.  We ask that you refrain from handshaking and hugs.
  • Hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks are available throughout the building.

MORE Reopening Council Guidelines can be found at the end of this email and our website.

Gathering ONLINE for Worship at 9:30 AM
We will gather online at 9:30 AM for the Facebook Premier of our worship service.  You can also access the worship services on our website at

Scroll down for information about how to connect online.

Sunday Night CONNECT at 5:00 PM
This Sunday we will explore the Gospel of John Chapter 20 and Jesus Resurrection.  We are going to slow down and do a thorough study of John 20 and the greatest event in the history of the world.  We will explore John 20:10-18, Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene in The Empty Tomb Part 2 of 3.

Information for Connecting ONLINE

Go to or click HERE

Church Website
Sunday Morning Worship is also available on our church website –

Sermon Notes and Children’s Bulletin links are included in your Weekly Church Email and on our website.

Our worship services remain available for later viewing on both Facebook and our Website.

Sunday Worship DVD’s are available to be delivered to those who are not able to connect to Facebook or the Church Website.  Please contact the church office if you are aware of anyone who would like a weekly DVD delivered to their door.  We are currently delivering about 10 DVDs a week. (878-1992)

In Need of Prayer?
Our pastors and prayer volunteers would love to lift you up before God in prayer.
Email or text Pastor Bob Huisman with your prayer request or to request one of the pastors or prayer volunteers to contact you by phone.  We have male and female prayer volunteers who are eager to call and pray with you. ( or 616.682.7685)

District Elders and Deacons are available for pastoral care needs and concerns.

Household Last Name         Elder/ Deacon Team
A—Buist                                 Rick Jongsma, Mike Shear
Buista—Diekema                   Brent Mulder, Roger Tiller
Diekemaa—Groenewold       Tom Beier, Todd Mingerink
Groenewolda—J                    Al Groenewold, James Oosterman
K– Meekhof                           Jim Sytsma, Matt Davis
Meel—O                                Mark Kooistra, Brad Diekema
P—Slager                              Al Smith, Tim Terborg
Slagera—VanderH                Bruce Berkenpas, Ted Koster
VanderI—Z                            Tom Tiemeyer, David DeJong

Upcoming Worship Gatherings

Sunday, October 11
 – Lasting Impact: When God changes you, He changes the World.
The Good News is for Everyone,  Part 5 of 10, Acts 9-12
Disability Awareness Sunday
PM – Sunday Night Connect: The Empty Tomb Part 3, The Gospel of John Chapter 20:19-29

Sunday, October 18
 – Lasting Impact: When God changes you, He changes the World.
The First Mission Trip,  Part 6 of 10, Acts 13-15
Lord’s Supper Celebration
PM – Sunday Night Connect: Heritage Missionary Partner Joel VanDyke

Sunday, October 25
AM – Lasting Impact: When God changes you, He changes the World.
Part 7 of 10, More Mission Trips, Acts 16-20, Pastor Bob Bolt
Selah Ministry Update: Vicki Williams & Sherry (Norman) France
PM – Sunday Night Connect: Reformation Sunday

Note: 50th Anniversary: Our anniversary celebration has been postponed until 2021.

For More Information, Please read the following letter from Council:
On September 8, 2020, the Heritage CRC Council adopted the following policies for opening up buildings for worship and church programs in the fall of 2020 based on state guidelines and recommendations.  More worship details about how to sign up for Sunday morning in-person services will be sent out sometime next week in a separate communication.  Our pre-recorded Sunday morning worship service and Sunday Night Connect will remain available online each week.

  1. Face Masks: Face masks are required to enter and move about the building at all times for persons 1st grade and above.
    1. Once you are seated for a worship service or a church meeting, masks are optional with social distancing.
    2. Masks and gloves will be available at all entrances.
  1. Worship
    1. Indoor morning worship will resume Sunday, October 4.
    2. Two morning services are scheduled for 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM with Sunday School/Catechism taking place from 10:15-10:45.
    3. Social distancing to allow singing without masks.
    4. Ushers will seat and release worshippers.
    5. Masks to be worn when entering and exiting and moving about the building.
  1. Transportation: Face masks are required in all church transportation at all times.
  1. Group Meetings
    1. No more than 12 people in a classroom at a time.
    2. No more than 50 people in the ARK or Fellowship Room at a time.
  1. Food and Drink: Prepackaged individual-sized snacks and beverages are acceptable. No large meals or shared food. Drinking fountains will not be available.
  1. Child Care: Nursery, Children’s Worship, and Just Betweens will be reintroduced after September 13.  This is subject to Cleaning Procedures and having volunteers available to staff.
  1. Discipleship/Education: Sunday School and Catechism to start on October 4, based on students being in school.  We will follow Byron Center Christian School and South Christian High School’s protocols with regard to in-person student opportunities.
  1. Cleaning
    1. Standing sanitizing stations are available throughout the building.
    2. Sanctuary, ARK, Fellowship Room, and Restrooms will be sanitized by staff after each event.
    3. Each teacher and group will be responsible to clean and disinfect their classroom/area after each use.
      1. Wipes and disinfectants will be available to wipe down all tables, chairs and door handles after each use.
      2. There will be a document in each room to record cleaning and must be signed and dated by the teacher or group, so we know it has been done.

Pastor Bob Huisman

May God go before you to lead you and behind you to protect you,
May God go beneath you to support you and beside you to befriend you.
    Do not be afraid.
May the blessing of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and Holy Spirit
be upon you.  Amen.