Cadets is a ministry for boys who are in 4th to 8th grade.  This is a club program for boys that provides activities, learning, and fun. Meetings are held every Monday with the exception of the 1st Monday of the month. Through Bible study and discussion with Christian leaders, boys learn who God is and how He works in their lives. Mental, physical, emotional, social, and devotional growth in the boys’ lives is emphasized.

GEMS is a ministry for girls who are in 4th to 8th grade.  This is a relationship building club for girls. Regular meetings are the 1st and 3rd Mondays each month during the school year. In addition to special outings, the girls enjoy learning how to develop a relationship with Jesus as they sing, do crafts, and enjoy other activities.

En Fuego is a ministry for Middle School Students (6th through 8th grade). En Fuego means “on fire” in Spanish, which is what we strive for in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Young teens are continually being nurtured in their spiritual growth through study and fun activities.  A primary goal is to begin to develop a spiritual maturity that will be carried into adulthood.

Fusion is a ministry for High School Students (9th through 12th grade). Fusion exists to nurture, disciple, equip, and train high school students to become mature Christians in the world today. This group is named Fusion for two purposes: First, it was named Fusion in order to make students aware that their everyday life and the Christian life should be ‘fused together’ as one.  Their life at church should be no different than their life outside of the church.  This provides students with a worldview of looking through the Biblical lens in order to discern right from wrong in the world today. Secondly, it was named Fusion in order to make students aware that no matter what they face, the family of God is with them.  When we become a part of the family of God, we are ‘fused together’ with other believers.  No matter what we face each day, we can rely on the family of God to be with us, to encourage us, and to strengthen us.