The Banner

Published monthly by the Christian Reformed Church in North America. The Banner magazine shows how the Christian faith in its Reformed expression makes sense for today’s world. We hope you’ll find our articles—from news to features to review—lively, informative, inspiring, and challenging.

We believe that Jesus Christ calls us all to gratefully follow him in every area of life. That gives our daily living eternal significance and purpose. Whether we’re addressing subjects like parenting, movies, politics, church ministries, or the society we live in, The Banner explores all such issues from the perspective of the good news that in Christ God is reconciling the world to himself. All who believe in Jesus are empowered by God’s Spirit to serve as ambassadors of that reconciliation.


The Christian Reformed Church decided at Synod 2004 that the print version of The Banner will no longer be a subscription-based magazine. Instead it will be a partially subsidized publication sent to every household in the Christian Reformed Church. If you have any questions about The Banneror for more information, please contact us at, or call 1-800-777-7270.

The Banner is a member of the Associated Church Press and the Evangelical Press Association.


The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) includes just over one thousand congregations across the United States and Canada. About 75 percent of the churches are in the United States; 25 percent are in Canada. We’re one of only a few binational denominations: rather than split into different churches at the 49th parallel, we’re united.

Almost 300,000 people belong to the CRCNA—not a large number when you consider the population of our two countries. But by God’s grace we can accomplish a lot when we work together.

The Network

Across the CRC, there are people like you doing ministry.They are deacons, Sunday school teachers, musicians, office staff, webmasters, missions team members, GEMS leaders, elders, librarians, and so much more. They are in San Diego, Prince Edward Island, and everywhere in between.

Wouldn’t it be cool to connect? You know, compare notes. Tell stories. Learn from each other. Get help. And discover that, hey, we’re not alone!

This website is all about connecting – with each other, with resources, with experts – for ministry.

We’ve created sections for every role and ministry we could think of. Prayer coordinators? Check. Treasurers? Check. Cadet leaders? Check. Sound technicians? Check, 1, 2, 3, check. About 50 other ministry areas? Check. And we won’t be shy to add more as needed.

Please join the conversation! You can post a comment, or you can post your own blog, question, resource, or discussion starter. See How to Add Your Post on the Network

Some sections have a bonus feature…guides! These are people who have been around the block a few times and have agreed to write a blog, assemble articles, collect resources, suggest websites, and more. They keep telling us that they’re not ‘experts’ but we know better. Still, they’ll rely on you to contribute your experiences, reactions, and suggestions.

One more thing…this isn’t the kind of website where you sit in the back pew, take it all in, and leave quickly before talking to anyone. No, this is one of those ‘social’ sites where ALL OF US create the value by commenting, questioning, sharing, and helping each other. The whole point is that we learn from each other and from what other churches and individuals are doing across the CRC. It requires active participation by you.

Resources for CRC members

The Christian Reformed Church provides hundreds of resources for you and your church. Visit the webpage to find out more.