Message From Pastor Bob Huisman

Easter Sunday, April 21
At 9:30 we worship our great God and celebrate Jesus’ glorious resurrection.
Jesus said, “I AM the resurrection and the life!”
Through creative movement, song, drama, prayer, Word and Spirit, we praise and thank God for rescuing us from death and leading us to everlasting life!
Invite a family member, friend, or neighbor to join you to hear the good news that changed the world.

5:00 – Family Day – no evening worship.

Prayer Items for This Weekend:
Friday – Easter Egg Stuffing
Saturday – Easter Egg Hunt – Gospel Presentation
Easter Sunday Worship

Upcoming Worship Gatherings:
April 28
9:30 – I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6), Pastor Bob Bolt,
Welcome New Members: Havemans, Quists, Skobraks & Tilmas
Baptism of Isabelle Joy Tilma, Myles Daniel Tilma, and Brielle Cecilia Skobrak.
Barb Neuwman from Christian Learning Center
Elder/Deacon Affirmation Ballots.
11:00 – Sunday Morning Conversation with Barb Neuwman, Christian Learning Center
5:00 – Seminarian Richard Entingh, Matthew 19:1-17

Thursday, May 2
National Day of Prayer – Community gatherings at noon at Whistlestop and in the evening at Second CRC

May 5
9:30 – Pastor Kevin Van Wyhe, Professions of Faith – Summer and Stephanie Michmerhuizen, Addy and Ella Koster and Micah Vander Kooi
5:00 – Seven Christian Virtues-HUMILITY, Lord’s Supper, Casting of Lots for Elders and Deacons

May 12 – Mother’s Day
9:30 – Mother’s Day, Baptism of Blake John Quist
5:00 – No evening service

May 19
9:30 – Seven Christian Virtues-JOY, Kid’s Hope Ministry Report
5:00 – Joy Part 2, Praise and Worship Service

May 26
9:30 – Seven Christian Virtues-GRATITUDE, Combined in the Sanctuary
5:00 – Combined Worship at Heritage with Friendship CRC and Second Byron CRC

June 2
9:30 – Seven Christian Virtues-HOPE, Farewell Seminarian Matthew and Meghan Spoelstra, Volunteer Appreciation, Graduate Recognition
5:00 – Seven Christian Virtues-CONTRITION

June 9
9:30 – Seven Christian Virtues-PEACE, Pentecost, Install new Elders and Deacons
5:00 – Seven Christian Virtues-COMPASSION, Worship in the ARK, Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

June 16 – Father’s Day
9:30 – Pastor Bob Bolt
5:00 – No evening service