Our desire is for you to come together in small, caring communities within our church for fellowship and for the advancement of God’s
Kingdom. LIFE groups provide many diversified opportunities.

LIFE isn’t meant to be lived alone.

SEPARATE we can lose our impact, our purpose, and our joy.
TOGETHER we find great strength. We can achieve great things.
TOGETHER we find shelter from the storms, we rise above the waves.
TOGETHER one Light spreads to many, bringing warmth, and giving hope.
TOGETHER we serve better, we love greater, and we know God deeper.
(taken from: www.skitguys.com)

A LIFE group is an intentional face-to-face (or on-line) gathering varying in size and meeting regularly together to accomplish an
agreed upon Christian purpose.

Some groups have short term commitments of 1 – 3 months, while other groups meet from fall through spring or all year long.
Usually groups fall under one of five types: (1) task-oriented (2) needs-oriented (3) content-oriented (4) relationship-oriented
(5) mixed-agenda

Our goal is for our small group ministry to provide a wide range of opportunities and reasons to meet. We desire that you will
experience God’s love, grow in your faith, build meaningful relationships, feel supported by one another, and advance God’s Kingdom
together as a church family.

We love the song, “Build Your Kingdom Here”. It’s a song about revival, wherever you are. Jesus is the hope of the world, and He has
put His hope in us because we as the church are not just an organization or a club, but we are the living breathing body of Christ on
earth. We are his hands and his feet. Our prayer is that as we share LIFE together, that we will be filled with the strength and love of
Christ to be the church that God desires us to be. Let this song inspire you. Click on the link. https://youtu.be/sbdJXKqVgtg
We sincerely hope that you will reach out to us. We would love to help you connect and become part of a LIFE group.

Current LIFEgroups

Our Mission:
Our mission is to inspire a variety of small groups to meet together for fellowship and for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

Our Vision: 
We have all been through a lot this past year, and for many of us, that meant that we were not able to meet together. Some of us became comfortable in that, while others sense a need for revival.
We want to give our small group ministry a renewed sense of purpose and direction.  We want to shift from having small groups that not only meet for fellowship and Bible Study, but also for many other agreed upon spiritually motivated purposes.  Each group can be unique.  Each group can look different.  We want to provide a wider range of opportunities and reasons to meet. Ideas for possible new groups might include: Leadership Training Group, Marriage Enrichment Group, Parent Advocate Group, Mama Bear Apologetics Group, Parenting Teens Group, Christian Influence Group, Hunting, Biking, Cooking, and etc.   Some groups may decide to meet every week for 6-8 weeks.  Some groups may decide to meet once a month for a whole church season.  Existing groups might want to continue to meet as before. The small group ministry team seeks to establish and support a variety of small groups in which people will grow in their faith, experience God’s love, care and support one another, build relationships, and advance God’s Kingdom together as a church family.   Let’s move on as a church with renewed zeal and purpose!

Our Theme song:
“Build Your Kingdom Here” Let the words of this song inspire you as you think of all the ways that we can approach our fall season with a fresh start.  Let your imagination fly, as you talk about all the different reasons that you could come together to advance God’s Kingdom as a church family. How can you do that, as you share LIFE together in your group? As the song says, “Fill us with the strength and love of Christ …We are Your church… we are the hope on earth….build your kingdom here ….we need your power in us.”  


Current LIFEgroups


LIFE Groups Ministry Team: Pastor Bob Huisman, John & Eunice Netz, Scott VanderHoning, Shari Murdock, Sheri Rop, Stephanie Green

If you have any questions, please email us at LifeGroups@heritagecrc.net