Message From Pastor Bob Huisman

Sunday, October 28

This Sunday, at 9:30 AM, our E100 series takes us to the book of Ruth.  The details of Ruth’s story teach us what it means to be a loyal follower.  Exploring the big picture of Ruth’s story leads us all the way to Jesus.

Domestic Violence Awareness – Motivated by Christ’s love, Safe Haven Ministries provides a place of refuge and support for abused women and their children.  Tara, from Safe Haven, will give us a brief ministry update.  You are invited to join her for a Sunday Morning Conversation in the Council Room following our morning worship service.

At 5:00 PM, the Commandment Countdown brings us to Commandment No. 3 – “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.”   We will hear the call to Love God’s Holiness.

E100 – Take the Challenge – Start Today!
The Essential one hundred stories of the Bible (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament).  Take the challenge and you will read 5 short bible stories a week for 10 weeks in the fall and for 10 weeks in the winter (each Sunday morning’s sermon will be from one of the stories for the upcoming week).  Most people enjoy the journey more if they find a friend or two with whom they can travel together through the Bible and discuss their readings weekly or every other week. Think of “you + 2” as a group.  All you need is a Bible you already own.  Additional resource materials for families with young children, youth, and adults are available in the Fellowship Room.  If you didn’t start with week one, don’t worry about catching up – start with the readings for this week.

NEW: Prayer and Encouragement: Volunteers are available to you following every morning worship service in both the Sanctuary and the Prayer Room.
Did you know that there is a team of volunteers at Heritage who pray regularly for individuals who are not yet living in relationship with God?  If you would like your family member or friend added to their prayer list, please put their name in the lantern at the Welcome Center.

Every Sunday is the opportunity to Practice Hospitality.
(Romans 12:13).  Be on the lookout for worship guests or anyone who needs a friendly greeting! Introduce yourself and invite them to join you for coffee/lemonade in the fellowship room (stop by the Welcome Center for a free gift if this is their first time to Heritage).  Once in the fellowship room, widen the circle and introduce your potential new friend to someone else.

Upcoming Worship Gatherings:
November 4
9:30 – E100-The Rise of Israel, Celebration of the Lord’s Supper
5:00 – Love God’s Uniqueness and Love God Above All: Commandment Countdown No. 2, No Idols & No. 1 No other gods.

November 11
9:30 – E100-The Fall of Israel
5:00 – Seminary Intern Matt Spoelstra
6:15 – Young Couples, Fun 4 Kids

November 18
9:30 – E100 – Psalms and Proverbs
5:00 – International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – Sights/Sounds/Prayers from Around the World

Thursday, November 22 -Thanksgiving Day – Combined in the Sanctuary

November 25
9:30 – E100 – The Prophets – Pastor Kevin Van Wyhe
5:00 – Kingdom Assignment Celebration – Pastor Bob Bolt

December 2 – Advent
9:30 – The Christmas Dilemma: Joseph – Celebration of the Lord’s Supper
5:00 – Worship in the Barn

December 9 – Advent
9:30 – The Christmas Dilemma: Mary
5:00 – Live Nativity

December 16 – Advent
9:30 – The Christmas Dilemma: Shepherds
5:00 – Sunday School Christmas Program

December 23 – Advent
9:30 – The Christmas Dilemma: Wisemen
No Evening Worship Service

December 24 – Christmas Eve
11:00PM – Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship

December 30
9:30 – Pastor Bob Bolt
5:00 – Pastor Kevin Van Wyhe, Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

January 6
9:30 – E100- The Living Word
5:00 – Prayers for the New Year in the ARK