Message From Pastor Bob Huisman

Sunday, September 9
There is still time for the last minute invite for a friend to join you at our Sunday Morning Outdoor Kickoff Worship Service and/or to City Fest!

At 9:30AM (weather permitting) we will gather for coffee/donuts fellowship on the front lawn of the church.  Bring a lawn chair or blanket.  (In case of rain, we will gather in the sanctuary and the ARK)
At 10:00AM, we will begin our morning worship.  Our worship team will be teaching you a new song that goes with the first half of our  E100 Bible Reading Challenge.
Joslyn Helmholdt will receive the sacrament of baptism.
We will examine 2 Timothy 3:10-17 under the theme Love the Book – the Book of Love.

At 11:30ish, we will celebrate the new ministry season with a fellowship lunch in the ARK.

3:30 – Bus Leaves Heritage for City Fest
5:30 – Bus Leaves Heritage for City Fest
6:30 – Bus leaves GR for the return to Heritage
9:00ish – Bus leaves GR for the return to Heritage

City Fest Schedule:
4 PM – Kid’s Stage
4:30 PM – Action Sports Zone
5:30 PM – Kid’s Stage
6:30 PM – Main Stage Begins Lacrae, Toby Mac, Mandisa and Danny Gokey, Luis and Andrew Palau

E100 – Take the Challenge
Starting September 16:
The Essential one hundred stories of the Bible (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament).  Take the challenge and you will read 5 short bible stories a week for 10 weeks in the fall and for 10 weeks in the winter (each Sunday morning’s sermon will be from one of the stories for the upcoming week).  Most people enjoy the journey more if they find a friend or two with whom they can travel together through the Bible and discuss their readings weekly or every other week. Think of “you + 2” as a group.  All you need is a Bible you already own.  Additional resource materials for families with young children, youth, and adults are available in the Fellowship Room.

Every Sunday is the opportunity to Practice Hospitality
(Romans 12:13)
Be on the lookout for worship guests! Introduce yourself and invite them to join you for coffee/lemonade in the fellowship room (stop by the Welcome Center for a free gift if this is their first time to Heritage).  Once in the fellowship room, widen the circle and introduce your potential new friend to someone else.

NEW: Prayer and Encouragement: Volunteers are available to you following every morning worship service in both the Sanctuary and the Prayer Room.

Upcoming Worship Gatherings:
September 16
9:30 – E100 – 1 of 10, In the Beginning, Bibles for Kindergartners and 2nd graders,  Kid’s Hope, After Worship: Congregational Meeting in Sanctuary
5:00 –  Love Fidelity: Commandment Countdown: No. 7: Do Not Commit Adultery, Celebration of Lord’s Supper

September 23
9:30 – E100 – 2 of 10, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Christmas Shoe Box Intro
5:00 –  Love Gentleness: Commandment Countdown: No.6: Do Not Kill,  Update from Nepal – Gary & Lois Hecksel

September 30
9:30 – E100 – The Story of Joseph, Meet our newest seminarian Andrew Entingh, and welcome back seminarian Matt Spoelstra.
5:00 – Love God’s Authority: Commandment Countdown: No. 5: Honor Your Parents

October 7
9:30 – E100 – Moses and the Exodus, Upward BB Update, Celebration of the Lord’s Supper (World Wide Communion Sunday)
5:00 – Seminarian Matt Spoelstra: Love God’s Rhythms: Commandment Countdown: No. 4 Remember the Sabbath

October 14
9:30 – E100 – The Law and the Land, Young Life Capernaum Intro, Disability Awareness
5:00 – Love God’s Holiness: Commandment Countdown: No. 3: Honor God’s Name

Did you know that there is a team of volunteers at Heritage who pray regularly for individuals who are not yet living in relationship with God?  If you would like your family member or friend added to their prayer list, please put their name in the lantern at the Welcome Center.