Message From Pastor Bob Huisman

Thank You

Thank you, Heritage, for your kindness and expressions of concern and sympathy during the last days of my dad’s life here on earth and his transition to his heavenly home.  Even though we are just past the midpoint of our first year together at Heritage, you have treated us like “family” and shared our sorrow with us.  We have felt upheld by God’s answers to prayers of His people on our behalf.  Thank you.

Also, a word of gratitude to our staff that covered all the bases seamlessly and allowed me to be with my parents during my dad’s last few days with us.

Sunday, June 24
This Sunday morning at 9:30, we celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.  Pastor Kevin and the worship team will lead us in music and message.  My daughter Lette has returned from India and will give a brief ministry update.
At 5:00 PM, we conclude our CREDO series, “I Believe”.  For me, it is an interesting coincidence that my first sermon back after my father’s death is on the theme, “I believe in the resurrection of the body and life everlasting”.  Preparing for this message is helping me with my grief.

You are invited to come to the Prayer Room following any morning worship service where prayer volunteers are ready to listen and to pray for you and the concerns on your heart.

Please invite every Worship Guest to walk with you to the Welcome Center where they can receive their free gift and more information about Heritage CRC.  Encourage them to join you for a cup of coffee and introduce them to another person at Heritage.

Pray for God to B.L.E.S.S. friends or family who don’t know Jesus yet.
B – Body
L – Labor
E – Emotions
S – Socially
S – Spiritually

Upcoming Worship Gatherings:
July 1
9:30 – Pastor Bob Bolt
5:00 – Combined worship at Heritage with 2nd Byron CRC

July 8
9:30 – Vibrant Faith: Peace-Loving Part 2 of 2, James 3:13-18
5:00 – Josh Deumler

July 15
9:30 – Missionary Partners in Egypt Steve and Frankie Wunderink
5:00 – Vibrant Faith: Patience, Part 1 of 2, James 4:1-15

July 22
9:30 – Vibrant Faith: Patience, Part 2 of 2
5:00 – Commandment Countdown: No. 10: Do Not Covet: Love the Law of the Lord

Saturday, July 28 – Byron Days, Parade with Music Float, Movie Night at Heritage

July 29
9:30 – Byron Days, Outdoor Worship at Bicentennial Park (5 congregations – Heritage, Pathway, Second, River of God, Woodhaven)
No Evening Worship

Did you know that there is a team of volunteers at Heritage who pray regularly for a list of individuals who are not yet living in relationship with God?  If you would like your family member or friend added to their prayer list, please put their name in the lantern at the Welcome Center.