Join us from the comfort of your own home as ‘together’ we study 44 women in the Bible, and how their stories point us back toward Jesus. We will be using a guide from to not only read about women in the Word, but BE women in the Word, and grow our relationship with the Author of all of these stories.

We encourage you to participate in whichever of the following ways fits you best:
Scripture only: Focus solely on the Weekly Scripture story and prayer. Begin each study time with prayer,
then read the assigned passages and pray again.
Scripture + Response: Each Monday on our Titus2gether Facebook group we will be reminding you of the Woman and Scripture passages we will be studying, along with a link to the She Reads Truth website with some additional thoughts on the “woman of the week” (Not a part of Titus2gether Facebook group yet? Join us at It is a closed group to encourage privacy, so you will need admin approval to join) If you are not on Facebook, but want to follow along with the additional thoughts, go to and search for the Women in the Word under past studies.

Throughout this year will also sprinkle in some Monthly Truths and a “Passage for Reflection” for you to pray over. This was originally designed as a daily study, but we are adapting it as a weekly study. If you want to do it as a daily on your own, feel free!! We hope you join as we dig deeper in to God’s word for our lives!!

Study Guide link.

Extra study guides and a more detailed explanation are at the Welcome Center at Heritage.

Join us at any time of the year!