The Way of Wisdom



Proverbs 1

Introduction – The Old Man and the Horse

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom is…

Neal Plantinga –

In the literature of Scripture wisdom is, broadly speaking, the knowledge of God’s world and the knack of fitting oneself into it. The wise person knows creation. She knows its boundaries and limits, its laws and rhythms, discerns its times and seasons, respects its great dynamics. She understands that creation possesses its own integrity and significance quite apart from her claim on it and quite apart from any possibility that creation will make her happy. The wise person gives in to creation and to God, and she does the first because she does the second.

The Solomon Story

What is Folly?

Folly is…

The Story of Charles Robertson (From Max Lucado’s Grip of Grace)

How is the Fear of the Lord the Beginning of Wisdom?

Negative and Positive Fear

A Helpful Synonym?

Who or What is at the core in you?

Conclusion – We have Homework!