The Believers Battle With Sin: Mortification



Matthew 5:27-30

Introduction – Mortification?

The Christian Life is Lived on Two Edges

LD 38

Vivification & Mortification

John Owen

Neal Plantinga –

(Putting to death the old self) is to muscle aside familiar habits. You have to beat down old attitudes. You have to try to kill somebody, yourself. The old self with all its warts and ways. This is hard work. Old selves die hard. You might put out a contract on your old self but find it takes a long time to get up the nerve to go through with the act itself. It is humbling to be your own hit man. But it can be done. God is at work in this painful holy suicide… in time the old self slowly dies away.

Mortification & Costly Sacrifice

Did Jesus Really say that?

“Sacrifice” in the Bible

Lust: A Case Study in Killing Your Sin

Frederick Bruner –

The central meaning of Jesus advice is to take decisive, drastic action against a habit, thing or person that, though pleasurable, is in fact ruing life. Jesus does not advice cautious, gradual, action. He counsels surgery, immediately… NO half measures… Better to limp into heaven than leap into hell.

Mortification & Joy

Five Joys in Mortification

Conclusion – Practical Application