Strength And Love



Psalm 62

Introduction – Children’s Letters to God

God: The bad people laughed at Noah – you make an ark on dry land you fool.
But he stuck with you. That’s what I would do. Eddie

The Scandal in the Text

The Problem – Attack!

David’s Solution

The Scandal in the World

Prayer under attack

Just a misunderstanding

The Grace in the Text

Preaching to himself

One Word, Two Words

Grace in the World

The Strength and Love of Jesus

Eugene Peterson – “Prayer discovers that God is indeed in action! He is not an inert gas, an amorphous mass of idea, an abstract virtue. He is not a remote explanation of the cosmos. He asserts his will in this world of human affairs – in government and creation, on the oceans and in the kitchens, in souls and in society. Many fear that if they abandon the gospel of self-assertion (don’t just stand there, do something!) life will collapse. In fact (if they pray) they experience something quite different”.
Conclusion – More Children’s Letters to God