Advent Is Church



Mark 1:14-20

Introduction – Christmas & Babies

Lesson 1: The Church ______________Where It Doesn’t_______________

Frederick Bruner – “Galilee is a strange place for a Messiah to work. There is no rabbinic reference to the Messiah’s appearing or working in Galilee… The distance from Zion (Jerusalem) was not only geographic; Galileans were considered by Judeans to sit rather loosely on the law and to be less biblically pure than those near Jerusalem.”

So a Pastor Walks Into A Bar

John 3:16

Lesson 2: The Message of the Church is _____________________________

The Message

“Don’t you wish you did?”


Lesson 3: In the Church ___________Take Priority Over Our ____________

At once?

The power of the Word

The priority of the ears

Conclusion – PH 502