2024.03.03 | Sensing the Gospel: Taste (Live-Stream)

On the third Sunday of Lent, we gather to give thanks to God for the gift of his Son, our Savior Jesus. Lent is a 40-day period to prepare for the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
This year will we join in a series entitled, “Sensing the Gospel”. We will look at Jesus’ life and recognize how Touch, Sight, Taste, Hearing, and Smell were all senses of people who experienced the love and power of God in their lives. This week, as we engage the Gospel of John, chapter 2 and Jesus turning water into wine under theme of TASTE. As we engage the text, we ask “What is the Holy Spirit saying to you about following a Savior who has the power to transform one liquid into another”. We also wonder how this miracle sign shows the glory of God.
A daughter of our congregation, Makalah (Hartgerink) Scholten, will introduce us to STREAMS-Healthy Neighborhood Hub.