2023.10.01 | Practicing the Way of Jesus: Sabbath – Part 1 (Live-Stream)

Practicing the Way of Jesus – How do we find rest for our souls in a digital age and consumeristic culture where the human condition is prone to restlessness? For the next 5 years, for three or four Sunday evenings in the months of October and February, we will learn nine spiritual practices/disciplines as a community. In October, we start with the practice/discipline of Sabbath with the help of teaching from practicingtheway.org. You can plan on walking away with a challenge to put into practice one, two, or three practices that will help your soul find rest in God. Save the dates: October 1, 8, and 15 at 5:00 PM. To download the Companion Guide click HERE. A hard copy will be available at our in-person worship gathering.