2017-04-23 | Death the Intermediate State and Resurrection of the Body | pm service

I Corinthians 15 & II Corinthians 5

1.How should we view death?

—Pagan Stoicism—just don’t think about it
—Secular Hospice Movement—death is just a natural part of life
—Christian Pietism—Jesus doesn’t want us to grieve

Grieving but in hope
Grieve but do not fear death   I Cor 15

“Death used to be an executioner, but the Gospel made him just a gardener”
—George Herbert

“Our death does not pay the debt of our sins. Rather, it puts an end to our sinning and is our entrance into eternal life.”LD 16 Q/A 41

2. What is the “Intermediate State”? II Cor 5

  1. This earthly tent
  2. A building from God
  3. Being found naked—away from the body

Being away from the body but at home with the Lord. Vs 8

Theories on the “Intermediate State”

Reincarnation –
Soul sleep-
Full peace and rest with God but without the body-

III. What about the Resurrection of the Body?   I Cor 15:12-49

Paul’s “most important doctrine”
OT belief in the Resurrection
Job 19: 26-27, Isaiah 26: 19 & Daniel 12: 2

Jesus, the “first fruits of the resurrection”

“Not only my soul will be taken immediately after this life to Christ its head, but even my very flesh, raised by the power of Christ, will be reunited with my soul and made like Christ’s glorious body.” Q/A 57