2017-04-16 | Living Easter Lives in a Good Friday World | am service

Luke 24:1-11

Introduction: Good Friday –the world looks dark and hopeless Still today – we ask, “What is this world coming to?” But it is no longer a “Good Friday World”   Jesus is Risen!

Three mistakes the women in the Easter story made:

1. They came to the tomb effectively denying the possibility of a Resurrection – no expectations of the miracle of a resurrection

Some say these were primitive, superstitious people who simply wanted to believe in resurrections of dead people.

But these women were not looking for a living Jesus!

We now know that EVERYTHING we believe hinges on the resurrection of Jesus

2. They came to the tomb thinking the only way to keep a relationship with Jesus is by holding onto past memories. He can do no more for us, but\we will honor Him by keeping His memory alive.

If Jesus is alive, should we not be able to personally relate to Him? Do you experience Him, know His love… not just know about Him?

3. They came to the tomb not knowing that Jesus HAD to die “The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of men…” His death was no accident – It was planned and necessary!

His dying and rising again creates a Gospel announcement “It is finished!”

The difference between a religion of “doing” and the gospel of “done” Jesus’ death and resurrection gives us who believe the “imputed righteousness of Jesus”

4. Living Easter Lives….

Between now and next Easter my lack of personally experiencing the resurrected Jesus is going to change!”