Online Viewing Worship Service: 40 Day Red Letter Challenge: Being and Doing

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  • Sunday | January 17, 2021
  • 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship Both In-Person & Online this Sunday, January 17.

BOTH/AND – This Sunday morning we will gather for Sunday morning worship BOTH Indoors (9:00 & 11:00 AM) at Heritage AND Online on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and on our church website at  All services will have the same sermon/message.

40 Day Red Letter Challenge
It’s it just the right time to get started with our new series for 2021, entitled the Red Letter Challenge.  We will focus on the words of Jesus for 40 days together and seek to Practice the Ways of Jesus as a community of faith.  According to Zach Zehnder, “Doing the words of Jesus will help you find the life you were made for.”
As we gather this Sunday, we recognize the Sanctity of Human Life and God’s precious gift to us.  We will also look at Jesus’ teaching from Mathew 11:28 (“Come to me all you who are weary”) and the Holy Spirit will guide us into truth.  At our 11:00 worship service, we will celebrate the baptism of Cason Long, son of Paul and Nicole.  We will also welcome Paul as a new member at Heritage.
Workbooks/Devotionals for Adults and Kids are available in the Fellowship Room.  If you can’t pick one up, we would love to deliver it to you or mail it to you wherever you are.  Call or text Pastor Bob Huisman at 616.682.7685. New and used copies are also available on Amazon (Red Letter Challenge Workbook).

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2021.01.17 | 40 Day Red Letter Challenge: Being and Doing


The Sunday morning service will appear at 7 am on Sunday.
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At 9:30 am the service will Premiere  on Facebook.