Daily Devotional – Senioritis and Faith

“Senioritis and Faith”
Monday, March 23, 2020 ~ Pastor Bob Huisman

My best friend Mark says to me, “Hey Bob, I have two free tickets to a world class leadership conference, do you want to go.”
“When is it?”, I asked.
With a twinkle in his eye, he said, “The week before finals.”

When he said “finals”, he meant oral comprehensive finals. The time when you are interviewed by three professors for 90 minutes and they can ask you about anything you have learned over the past three years with the expectation that you will synthesize your learning from multiple disciplines into a cohesive response.

The year was 1990. My senior year in grad school at Calvin Theological Seminary.

“The week before exams?”, I questioned. “Are you sure?”.
“Let’s go for it!”, Mark said.
“Okay, I’m in”, I said.

We didn’t have a car; we didn’t have a place to stay; and we didn’t have an extra penny in our pockets.

God provided a car, a place to stay and an incredible experience that transformed our ministry perspectives for life. At that conference, I received a song that changed my life. Actually, a cassette tape with a whole album of songs on it. I played it again and again in my car until it finally wore out and I had to get another tape. By then, I knew all the songs from memory and some of them have become part of my regular morning routine for preparing to speak on Sundays.

The song that stands out the most and that brings calm and confidence to my soul is “He is Able” by Ferguson/Noland.
He is able more than able
To accomplish what concerns me today
He is able more than able
To handle anything that comes my way
He is able more than able
To do much more than I could ever dream
He is able more than able
To make me what He wants me to be
To make me what He wants me to be

Try singing it today as a prayer to God and change the words to “You are Able”.