Fusion News: 11.18.2018

FUSION PIZZA LUNCH FOR JUNIORS Wednesday, Nov. 28 – Pastor Kevin will be bringing lunch for the Juniors at South Christian. Plan on meeting in room #2.

FUSION –STUDENT APPRECIATION DINNER/GAME NIGHT Hey Fusion High School Students! -The Retirees of Heritage so much appreciated you treating us to a wonderful breakfast this past year that we would like to return the favor and show you how much we appreciate you. Tonight meet right after church in the Fellowship Room, we would like to invite you to a special night in the ARK. The night will begin with a homemade potluck dinner provided by the Retirees of Heritage. The dinner will be followed by a trivia game, where you will compete along with those at your table for the coveted Trivia Champions Award. This will be a great night for us to get to know you better and also show you how much you mean to us. Please join us for a great night with your friends at Fusion and with us older folks from Heritage.

FUSION –“REVIVE” Mid Week Worship Join us next on November 28 at 8-9:30 PM in the East building. This will be a time where high school students, young adults and their leaders can come together for a time of worship, sharing, digging into God’s word, praying for each other and hanging out. Invite a friend and come check out “Revive”.