The Financial Ten Commandments Part 2


 Various Passages

Introduction – Promises, Promises

Thou Shalt…

  • Remember who the owner and the blesser is (it’s all grace)
  • Embrace your work (as not only a means to make ends meet, but as a way to honor and serve the Lord)
  • Be wary of debt
  • Teach your children and grandchildren to be wise with money
  • Have a plan (that is, show some discipline)

Thou Shalt Not ___________ People’s __________ by their _____________

Thou Shalt Say “________________ is ___________________”

 Thou Shalt __________Thy Neighbor with Thy ________________

 Thou Shalt Know Thy Masters ___________________________

 Thou Shalt ___________________________ to Heaven


You should have money in your head, but not in your heart.