Rediscovering Praise


Lord’s Day 47

Psalm 29

Introduction – A Problem With Praise?

CS Lewis –

When I first began to draw near to belief in God and even for some time after I found a stumbling block in the demand so clamorously made by all religious people that we should “praise” God; still more in the suggestion that he demanded it… It was like saying, “What I want most is to be told I am good and great”.

God is “Due” Praise – Verse 2

Praise Helps Us To Direct Our Living
Lord’s Day 47
Teddy Roosevelt
The Gift of Being Small

Praise Heals – Verse 11
When praise is good
Rev. Erik Parker –

Worship at its best makes us forget we are watching a pastor leading liturgy, or hearing an organist hits keys on an organ, or hear a member read words from a book. We are transported into the ever flowing worship of the saints. We are taken into the story of God’s people and we become characters who have a role, not audiences watching actors. And how do you know you are there? Only when you are rudely jolted back to reality.