A Case Study in Forgiveness



John 21:15-19

Introduction – Case Study

Jesus Always Wants Us Back: Forgiveness Rises From A Reconciling Spirit

Max Lucado –

Learn a lesson from Peter: the sooner you speak to Jesus, the more you’ll speak for Jesus… Once you’re in the grip of grace, you’re free to be honest. Turn yourself in before things get worse. You’ll be glad you did.

The Hound of Heaven

Do I have a reconciling Spirit?

Forgive & Forget

The Three Questions

The not very “historical” Jesus

Forgetting as letting the past go and focusing on where we go from here

Jesus Wants Us To Work Things Out In The Horizontal Realm

The Three Commands

Vertical becomes horizontal – A love that grows large

David Foster –

If there is no change in our lives, chances are all we have are opinions about God.

Conclusion – “Keep following me”