The Believers Battle With Sin: The Three Laws



Romans 7:7-8:4

Introduction – The AA Meeting

The Three Laws

The Law of Moses

The Law of Sin

The Law of the Spirit of Life

Conclusion – Margaret Fienberg

I thought that becoming a follower of Jesus would help me kick the sin habit, providing the inoculation I needed, but in some ways my symptoms just grew worse. I realized how much I was infected and how it was affecting my attitude, my relationships, my life. So the truth is I’m fighting. I’m fighting sin with everything I’ve got. Some days I fare better than others. Odds are if you are calling me a hypocrite, you caught me on one of my worst days. I am sorry. I am sorry that I let you down and disappointed you. But I am not giving up or letting go. I have encountered a God who promises the battle ends in victory – life instead of death. So call me crazy- but I’m holding on to that promise.

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