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Message From Pastor Bob Huisman

Sunday, January 6
At 9:30, we return to our E100 series (Essential 100 stories of the Bible). We start with “The Living Word” and will hear how the Word became flesh in John 1:1-18.  During December, we looked at the story of Jesus’ birth from the up-close perspective of Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds.  On Sunday morning, John, the gospel writer, gives us the view of Jesus birth from above.

At 5:00, we will gather in the ARK for a service of Prayers for the New Year.  We will sing, pray and meditate on God’s Word as we lift up our hearts to Him and seek his blessing and favor on Heritage CRC and his people around the world.  We will pray in silence, in unison, and at our tables.  There will be a prayer activity for all ages and a time of fellowship with hot chocolate and donuts.

Upcoming Worship Gatherings:
January 13
9:30 – E100: The Teachings of Jesus: The Kingdom of Heaven, Matthew 13:1-58
5:00 – Doing Good – Titus 1 (Part 1 of 4), Seminarian Matt Spoelstra

January 20
9:30 – E100: The Miracles of Jesus: Pastor Bob Bolt
5:00 – Medical Missionary Partners in Central Asia, Brad & Naomi Quist

January 27
9:30 – E100: The Cross of Christ: The Crucifixion/Resurrection, John 19-20, Lord’s Supper
5:00 – Doing Good – Titus 2 (Part 2 of 4)

February 3
9:30 – E100: The Church is Born: Acts 2-10
5:00 – Doing Good – Titus 3 (Part 3 of 4)

February 10
9:30 – Cadet Sunday
5:00 – Doing Good – Titus 3 (Part 4 of 4)

February 17
9:30 – E100: The Travels of Paul, Seminarian Matt Spoelstra
5:00 – Marriage/Relationships Part 1 of 3: LOVE

February 24
9:30 – E100: Paul to the Churches:Romans
5:00 – Marriage/Relationships Part 2 of 3: HONOR, Pastor Bob Bolt, Lord’s Supper Celebration

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