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Greetings Fusion Parents!

It’s time for a Fusion tradition to happen again! Each year Fusion prepares a light breakfast for the congregation. We will be serving cinnamon rolls, sweet breads, orange juice and coffee. This serves both as a fundraiser and as a time of fellowship to celebrate the holiday.
We need 2 things from your children: TIME and a loaf of nut-free SWEET BREAD.
Wednesday, November 23:
-Students should meet at church at 7:00 to get preparations underway.
Sweet breads can be brought at this time.
-Pizza will be served when everything is ready for the morning.
Thursday, November 24:
-Students should arrive at church at 7:31 to get their marching orders and frost cinnamon rolls.
-Breakfast will be served from 8:00-9:15
-Students will help with a quick clean up before the service begins.
Please contact Liz or Leah if you have any questions.

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