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Day 3|Church & 1st shift at GKTW

Sunday was a fantastic day packed with many rewarding surprises. To start off the day we traveled ten minutes down the road to Poinciana Christian Church. We were greeted with glad and open arms leaving a lasting element of comfort. The sermon seemed to preface our week perfectly with a challenge of, “What if we took God at His Word.” At church we met Stephen who has been an ambassador at GKTW for sixteen years. Upon further reflection, we didn’t believe this acquaintance to be a coincidence. He immediately called the organization and offered to come out and insisted to give us a tour. When we arrived at GKTW around three thirty, our tour began. After the tour we learned a little about our responsibilities for the week and were left to our duties. Many of us worked hard in the kitchen while a few were scattered about smiling and smoothly running activities. Every person we met was incredibly grateful for what we were doing. The leaders were approached by several separate families…each! Tears became common after personal stories were shared. Our night flew by. We arrived home around ten, exhausted but blessed. Devotions followed. It was filled with song and reflection. I can only believe that we all slept with spirits high and excitement for what tomorrow would bring.

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